WARNING: Big-time spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story are contained in the article sourced below. If you haven’t seen the film yet, come back to this story after doing so.

Director Ron Howard recently spent some time speaking with the crew from Empire about story details and various characters from Solo. Howard talks about the potential for more films centered around the characters seen in Solo, the references to Crimson Dawn and the other crime Syndicates that are present in this section of the official Star Wars timeline (including the mention of notorious gangster Jabba the Hutt being considered for a role in the standalone film as was rumored back in June of last year), how the Kessel Run and the Falcon‘s escape pod were originally intended, and more. Articles like this from a director always add a new layer to a film’s impact on the viewing audience, so we highly recommend you check it out…assuming of course that you’ve already experienced Solo in the theater!

After a production that sounds trickier than the Kessel Run, Solo: A Star Wars Story made it to the big screen in May in one piece, shedding new light on the galaxy’s greatest scoundrel: Han Solo. Both separate to the Skywalker saga and yet steeped in Star Wars lore, the film has plenty of secrets to dig into – both in the film itself and its making-of, with original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller famously leaving the project near the end of the shoot and Ron Howard stepping in to finish the job. Empire sat down with Howard shortly before the film’s release to delve into the saga’s latest instalment in spoiler-filled detail on an Empire Podcast Spoiler Special (which you can find links to right here). Here are some of the major insights and revelations from the conversation – and be warned, this is of course spoiler central.