‘Rogue One’ User Interfaces Discussed

Wired have posted a gallery of user interface design pictures from the set of Rogue One and spoken to creator Andrew Booth. Andrew had this to say regarding the task at hand his team faced.

“When you saw A New Hope, the camera was this way,” Booth says, pointing to his right. “If we turned the camera over here,” he says, motioning to his left, “we didn’t see that in 1977. But the new stuff we created has always been there.”

“You’re having to kind of imagine what those graphics felt like before you had personal computers,” Booth says. “For example, in the Star Wars universe, there are no keyboards, because in the original movies, if there had been a keyboard on set, everyone would’ve thought they were in a pool of typists.”

“For Rogue One, the encouragement every step of the way was: How little can we put on the screen?”

I had the very fortunate and cool experience of seeing this particular unit and UI design up close on the Yavin 4 set and the realism for a prop far way in the background blew me away.

To see pictures of the work they created for The Force Awakens head over to their site here: Blind LTD.

Paul McQue
When Paul isn't working on a ship in the North Sea he likes to travel to as many Star Wars (and LOST) events and locations as possible. He's often found roaming convention floors cosplaying as Bad Robot.