Roger Christian: Without Sir Alec Guinness There Might Not Be A Star Wars

How’s this for a thought. Writing in his recently released book Cinema Alchemist, Roger Christian believes that without the presence of the legendary Sir Alec Guinness, George Lucas would have lost the respect of the Star Wars crew.

Guinness, who portrayed the galactic icon in the 1977 classic, lent creator/director George Lucas the “credibility” he desperately needed to keep his staff of malcontents in line, set designer Roger Christian writes in his memoir “Cinema Alchemist.” “I honestly think he held the production together,” Christian said of the stately Guinness, the Times of London reported. The crew had turned on Lucas during filming, and the mutiny had gotten so bad that the studio, 20th Century Fox, had to fly in an executive to stage an emergency intervention, said Christian, 72, who invented the light saber and the original model for the droid R2D2. Full interview . . #nypost #cinemaalchemist #starwars #alecguinness #starwarsfans #starwarsfandom #obiwan #lightsaber

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