Richard E. Grant Talks Star Wars Episode IX Spolier Protection

Speaking on yesterday’s The One Show (21st January), Richard E. Grant explained how the Episode IX set is shrouded in secrecy.

“It’s extraordinary,” he began. “They don’t give you a script, you have to go to a room where there are bodyguards outside, closed-circuit television cameras, and it’s printed on crimson pages so you can’t photograph it. You have to read it in there, and then leave.”

The One Show host Alex Jones then asked what we were all thinking, which is ‘how do you remember your lines?’ and it turns out Disney has an answer for that too.

“You’re given the pages on the day that you work, and you have to sign for them and sign out for them as well,” Richard added. “There are security guards on the set.”

The actor also shared that the production crew are on guard against drones as well, explaining that actors are hidden as they’re taken to and from set so that no one will be able to get a picture of them in their costumes.

“They give you a cloak, over your head – because apparently they have drones going over Pinewood Studios so they try and take photographs of what people are playing,” Richard shared.

We cannot wait to learn more from official sources about Episode IX, when the time is right!