Rian Johnson Talks About Test Screenings and The Last Jedi

On the special features for the home release of Knives Out (via ScreenRant), Rian Johnson admitted that he would have loved to have given Star Wars: The Last Jedi a test screening to see how it would be received.

Speaking about having a test screening of Knives Out, Johnson said: “It was like a party in the theatre, it was really fun.

“It was the first time I was like ‘Oh wow, this actually plays, this is good'”, he added about the positive side of test-screening.

“It is really nice and that’s something on Star Wars… you can’t test Star Wars movies for a lot of different reasons.

“I’ve always hated test screenings, and when we were making Star Wars, at a certain point in the process you’re like ‘God, I would give my left arm to put this in front of 300 people in Burbank and just see how it plays.'”

Of course, The Walt Disney Company would rather not test screen Star Wars movies because of keeping a lid on spoilers, and we’re sure there is an element of them being sure people will like the movies purely because it’s Star Wars.

Isn’t hindsight wonderful!