Rian Johnson: Origins Of Rey’s Mirror Scene In ‘The Last Jedi’

I know everyone is going crazy for Solo at the moment, but it’s just 8 weeks since Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released and there’s still lots of news coming out about that film. During the recent Q&A with Rian Johnson following the IMAX screening by Collider of The Last Jedi, Johnson explains the origins of Rey’s mirror scene in the film….

“The origin of that was honestly just very, very, very early before I started even coming up with story,” Johnson said. “It was a visual image I had in my head just when I was thinking about Rey and thinking about what was important to her and her search really for identity and for place. And, you know, as the hero in a hero’s journey, that’s the whole the archetypal hero’s journey, the Joseph Campbell, all of that really what it boils down to is just a roadmap for adolescence basically, for going from childhood into adulthood and the big things we all have to go through to get there. For Rey, that means ‘what is my place in this story?’ and she thinks she’s going to get it from these various sources and they’re all letting her down and she’s still holding out this hope in her heart that her identity from her parents is going to give it to her.”

“So, it was just an image that came into my head of this infinite line of, you know, possibilities of self in this infinite line of possibilities of identity and the notion then of playing with which one is the quote-unquote real her,” Johnson explained. “Which one is going to be her and where does it end, and it does end someplace. It ends at a place that shows her basically her kind of worst fear which is that there is just her. She’s alone which, again, is true from a certain point of view and very untrue from another point of view. From that last scene on the Falcon with Leia, I think, is kind of the response to the end of that mirror scene.”

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