Rian Johnson Describes Seeing You-Know-Who on The Mandalorian Set

Rian Johnson, director of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, has been face-to-face with you-know-who from The Mandalorian and he thought it was “so beautiful”.

If you are still avoiding spoilers from The Mandalorian then we suggest you close this page!

Spoilers ahead….

One of the perks of having made a “Star Wars” movie is you get a huge amount of access. And for Johnson, that meant visiting the set of “The Mandalorian” while season one was being made.

Along with chatting with the show’s creator/executive producer, Jon Favreau, and fellow executive producer, Dave Filoni, he also got to check out the puppet that has become its star.

“On the set I saw baby Yoda,” he told Business Insider while promoting his new movie “Knives Out” (in theaters November 27), adding that he’s been waiting for the show to come out to finally drop that humble brag.

“It’s so beautiful,” he said of the creature.

Johnson admitted that because he’d been promoting “Knives Out,” he hadn’t gotten a chance to watch any of the show yet. But he added that being on the set of “The Mandalorian” got his creativity going on what he could do next in the “Star Wars” saga.

“It’s like when you’re a kid and have your toys out, it’s like that but on a lifesize scale,” Johnson said. “It was impossible to not think about things. It’s inspiring. It’s creatively invigorating to be in the middle of it.”

SOURCEBusiness Insider
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