Rian Johnson: Over 20 Minutes Of Deleted Scenes On ‘The Last Jedi’ Blu-ray

Shortly before the red carpet world premiere, director Rian Johnson revealed that his initial cut of The Last Jedi came in at over 3 hours in length. During the process of cutting the film down to its 150-minute run time, Johnson had to pull out several scenes that were fully developed and ready to go, prompting fans to hope & pray those scenes would make their way onto the Episode VIII Blu-ray release in the form of bonus content.

How much deleted footage can we expect to see included as bonus content on next year’s Blu-ray release? Johnson told Collider that over 20 minutes of unseen footage will be coming our way, with two big sequences as the headliners – one centering around Rose, Finn, and DJ aboard Snoke’s massiveĀ Supremacy ship and the second featuring an emotional scene between Rey and Luke on the island of Ahch-To.

Additional deleted scenes featuring Poe Dameron and Finn will also be part of the bonus content as well as a blooper reel that is destined to be must-see material.

Pair these deleted scenes with the book of Johnson’s BTS photos, and we have the making of an exceptional collection of Episode VIII production material to pour over.