A new report has surfaced that attaches stunt coordinator Ryan Watson to the production of Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian.

The report came from DiscussingFilm’s official Twitter account. Ryan Watson is a veteran stunt man, with work that ranges from V for Vendetta to Batman v Superman and other Zack Snyder projects. He worked with the director on 300, Sucker Punch and is listed as a fight choreographer on Man of Steel, a co-fight choreographer on Batman v Superman, and was listed as a stunt coordinator on Wonder Woman. And from the look of things the director is adding Star Wars to his already impressive resume.

Lucasfilm released the official cast for this new series back in December. The Mandalorian, scored by composer Ludwig Göransson, will be available exclusively via the new Disney+ direct-to-consumer streaming service which is set to go live sometime at the end of this year.