Report Says 4K Versions Of Entire Original Trilogy Exist

We learned right before Christmas that a 4K version of A New Hope was in the possession of Lucasfilm, leading naturally to the thought of whether the rest of the Original Trilogy (and beyond) would be receiving the 4K treatment. Now this latest report from Furious Fanboys appears to confirm that 4K versions of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi exist today as well.

Here’s a cool bit of information considering all the news about new Star Wars releases this week, the entire Original Trilogy now exists in 4K. Previously news broke of a 4K version of A New Hope, but last night we received confirmation that all of the movies (at least the first three) are in 4K.

These are the Special Editions and the 4K versions were done around 2011 or 2012, and it doesn’t sound as if there are any drastic changes done to them to make them closer to the “unaltered” originals. That rumor appears to be bogus as these sound like 4K versions of the current Blu-Ray cuts.

Disney was part of an event last night where they discussed some of their 4K restoration efforts, and something interesting popped out during their presentation about the restoration of the Mickey shorts. The color for the 4K versions is being done by Reliance (formerly Lowry).

If you’ve been following the 4K Star Wars saga over the last few years you’d remember Reliance promoted that they did a 4K version of the trilogy. But not long after that word came out that those versions were apparently rejected. With the revelation that Reliance is working with Disney on the Mickey shorts in 4K, it’s very possible that their 4K versions of Star Wars weren’t really rejected and are the versions that exist today.

Here’s deeply hoping these 4K versions of our beloved space opera find their way to retail store shelves in the very near future.

SOURCEFurious Fanboys
Justin LaSalata
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