Reminder: New The Clone Wars Season 7 Episodes Will Be Available Weekly on Disney+

Earlier today Lucasfilm announced the premiere date for The Clone Wars Season 7 on Disney+ along with a new trailer and official poster art. The series will be debuting on February 21 via the new streaming service, but fans looking to binge watch all 12 episodes on this day should be reminded that option will not be available.

We learned back in August during D23 Expo 2019 that Disney would be adopting the one episode a week delivery method for all of their original Disney+ programming. And since Season 7 of The Clone Wars seriesĀ  technically counts as brand new content, the 12 episodes will be released on this weekly schedule. Check out an image below of the tweet from Lucasfilm Publicist Tracy Cannobbio confirming such.

Dianna Bates
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