Regal Cinemas Offering ‘Ultimate Rogue One Ticket’

So, you think Willy Wonka was offering the golden ticket? Think again. Regal Cinemas in the States are giving fans the chance to purchase this ‘Ultimate Ticket’, giving fans the opportunity to see Rogue One as many times as they like in Regal Cinemas for $100.00.


Guests with the Regal Ultimate Ticket receive one admission to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story each day for the entire run of the movie in Regal Theaters. Accepted for all film formats, including 3D, RPX and IMAX.

This one-of-a-kind collectible ticket is each card features the movie title laser cut through anodised steel, plus gold etching and the distinctive black gloss Rebellion insignia. Each card is personalised, with the cardholders name inscribed permanently on the back.

Hurry! Production is limited only to 1000 cards!