Red Cup: Filming On Fuerteventura

Jedi News reader Steve Galloway has been sunning it up with his wife in gorgeous Fuerteventura and while there managed to gather some interesting info on Red Cup, aka the first Han Solo standalone which was shooting on the island until recently.

Here’s Steve with the inside skinny.

I was told that all principal actors had wrapped and were due to leave the island on 10th/11th June.

Disappointed that a chance meeting at the airport or around town with a cast member was off the table, my wife and I went on a road trip on the 14th to find the site.

About 2 hours and 80 miles of driving winding mountain passes, some with no crash barriers to protect against a shear drop, we finally found it.

The site is on the coast, in the La Pared area which is located on the northern coast of south west region of the island.

There is a mountain viewing platform a few miles north from which I managed to get the photo attached. It is grainy as the lens was maxed out on zoom, but I have circled the site where filming took place. If you have studied the set leak pictures you can make out the set in the centre of the dune area.

Due to the set being in a very remote location and located very close to or possibly in a military zone we couldn’t get near. A strict no fly zone has been put in place in May and all air traffic had been suspended around 20 miles north of the site.

I asked a few locals about the site and access, but there is no real interest in Star Wars locally, so it all seems very quiet and they are oddly (To me, you and many others) disinterested when you ask.

I know it has created some work for a lot of people especially in the driving industry for the moving of set materials and props which were transported in to the main airport.