Rebels Review: The Wynkahthu Job

The crew of the Ghost teams up with Hondo once again. Can Ezra convince the others that Hondo can be trusted?

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched ‘The Wynkahthu Job.’


Teresa: Hondo is back in this episode of Star Wars Rebels. For all of the fellow #TeamHondo fans like myself I think I can say that we love getting to see our favorite pirate. The plot of this episode is based on a plan that Ezra has hatched with Hondo himself. We can already tell that this is going to be risky since Ezra opens the episode telling The Ghost crew to have an open mind. We quickly discover that Azmorigan is back and the mission is to recover some proton bombs a well as treasure for our pirates. The overall focus of this mission is to go rescue the items off an Imperial Freighter that is stuck in a maelstrom type storm. The team despite their concerns goes ahead with the plan because as Hondo says the Rebels and the Pirates are both desperate.

Overall the story is very simple but the one major twist is that Hera does not entrust Ezra with this mission. Instead she gives the mission to Zeb and now we get to see that inner struggle with Ezra.

This episode seems like it does not have a whole lot to it but I think that it deep down really does. There are some major challenges in this episode for Ezra and I think each time we see these it is slowly threading the needle as my good friend Steve Glosson says for the end game for this season.

The team goes on to the freighter and they encounter some really cool deadly Imperial Sentry Droids. By really cool I mean super deadly and dangerous. AP-5 one of the better new characters from this season makes an appearance in this episode as well as he helps hatch the plan of the best way to get the loot off of the freighter. They really should listen to him more even if he is a bit blunt.

Of course we see all things end well and they may not get everything they went there for but everyone survived even Melch!


the wynkathu job star wars rebels


Teresa: Every single character had great moments but the ones with the most character building were Zeb, Hondo and Ezra. I really have no interest in seeing Azmorigan ever again but for some reason the little disgusting drooling thing has shown up in another episode. I get that he can be fun and some comic relief but I would rather see Vizago.

Zeb has some really great moments I always like getting to see him in leadership roles because we know he used to be a leader in the Lasat army. I think that if he has someone other than Ezra following his lead we would see a much stronger leader. He does a good job guiding the crew and he has some good ideas like splitting up to get power to the ship. The one thing he does not do well is listen to others which I think he needs to do. When he finally does we know that we are already in trouble and of course this leads to the appearance of the Imperial Sentry Droids.

Ezra does not do well with not being in charge. Ever since Kanan lost his eyesight I think Ezra has really felt like he now is the leader of the crew since he is a “Jedi”. I do not think this was a good assumption by him because he is still young and he still lacks a lot of experience in war. He has been through a lot especially at the end of season 2 but this does not automatically make him the best leader. I think he has grown and matured a lot but the dark side is lingering inside of him and not getting his way makes it shine through. Ezra has to also learn in this episode that as much as he wants to see the best in everyone sometimes even the nicest person may not be the best person. He has to learn that it is ok to like Hondo but trusting him is something else entirely.

Hondo in this episode is same old Hondo but I think the version we see in Rebels is very different from Clone Wars Hondo. It has taken some time to get used to the new version but I appreciate him for who he is and I have learned to accept that he is comic relief. I do miss the cunning, scary and intimidating Hondo every now and then. I really do believe that he and the Rebels are on the same side because he is struggling to survive just like they are. It is a sign of the Empire and how it can destroy someone and their entire way of life. You can tell that he is trying to not let it bother him and he defaults to his witty funny side. I think we may see the end of Hondo in Rebels but I think he will go out with a bang helping the Rebels whenever that happens.

I also want to say thank you to AP-5 for existing! He had some great lines in this episode.

the wynkathu job star wars rebels

Outstanding Moments

Teresa: For me two of the best moments centre around droids and they go along with my favorite quotes from the episode also

AP-5 has a great moment where he states that he forgot about the Imperial Sentry Droids like it’s no big deal then he also has a moment about the same thing when he learns the crew engaged the Droids and he simply says “Oh, I told you not to engage with them” but almost in an “oh well” tone. So great!

My next favourite moment is when Chopper gives up on the team and says “Every man for themselves” and he takes off to fly back to The Ghost. This is a classic “Cat” Chopper moment.

My last favourite moment of the episode is when Hondo opens his crate of treasure and in it was just his little Ugnaut friend, Melch who clearly did not trust Hondo to make sure he got back safe. Honda’s reaction was the absolute best has he tries to hide his disappointment and act like friendship is the best treasure.

the wynkathu job star wars rebels

Favourite Quotes


  • “every man for themselves”-Chopper
  • “oh, I told you not to engage them”- AP-5
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