Rebels Review: Secret Cargo

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched “Secret Cargo.”


Aaron: Star Wars Rebels gives us everything. Jedi mysticism, Mandalorians in action, Imperial double agents, and now the formation of the Rebellion. This episode was a nice call back to the feel of the Original Trilogy. We even got a huge cameo from Mon Mothma and an appearance of  a Y-wing pilot who has been enjoying some newfound time in the spotlight lately.

This episode comes right on the heels of Rogue One, and it is great timing. The beginnings of the Rebellion are becoming more clear and it is awesome to see the Ghost crew playing a major part.

Teresa: This episode was very straight forward, and I really liked that about the story. It’s tie-ins to what is coming very soon was what excited me the most. I am loving how Rebels is an extension of the Star Wars story and not just something that is happening on the side. The show truly has a meaning, because it furthers the story. The plot and story of this episode is the perfect example of that.

The timing of this story is great, but what I find very interesting is that it was told in animated form and not on the big screen. My co-host from Fangirls Going Rogue, Tricia Barr, made a great point the other day. She said that this should have been a scene in Rogue One. I can see how it could have been and how it would fit in perfectly. I do have to hand it to the story group and Dave Filoni putting these major moments in Rebels. I think it will draw more people to the show and hopefully open people’s eyes to animation as a key form of storytelling in the Star Wars universe.


Aaron: I love Hera. She is completely unflappable. This entire episode she was in complete control even in the most stressful circumstances. And she provided the pilots with the key to defeating the Imperial ships. It’s very fitting that she is the crew member who got the mention in Rogue One.

The one thing that did catch Hera off guard was the appearance of Mon Mothma. A character only briefly seen in the original movies, Mothma has had a bit of a revival in film, books, and now animation. This has been my favorite representation of her, and I’m glad we are getting to know this rebel leader. I love that she fearlessly called out the Emperor. I’d follow her to Mustafar and back.

In the tradition of Jedi also being great pilots, we got to see Ezra in the cockpit of a Y-wing. I liked that he was competent but not an ace, and that he gave credit to Hera for teaching him. Some unlikely humility from Ezra. He also worked well with a team, especially with Jon Vander. Fun to see that character again after his appearance in Rogue One that had fans so excited.

Even though we didn’t get to see his face, I was happy to hear the name Vult Skerris again. Ever since his appearance in “The Antilles Extraction” I’ve been hoping for a return. The combination of him and the TIE Defender made for a formidable opponent.

Teresa: I too would follow Mon Mothma. I will admit, I did not really truly understand her importance until the new canon. Her appearances in Lost Stars, Bloodline, Rogue One and now Rebels has solidified to me that she truly is a great leader. I now  understand why she is such a key to the story of Rebellion. I am truly happy that a character that started out on the side has become so pivotal in the overall story.

Outstanding Moments

Aaron: By far the big standout moment for me was the destruction of the Star Destroyers. Hera had the genius idea to drop the proton torpedoes into the nebula. The result was one of the coolest looking takedowns of imperial vessels that I have ever seen. The animation in this scene was amazing. I have no love for the Empire and watching those Star Destroyers crackle like firewood put a big smile on my face. Pryce should have known when she brought Konstantine along that she was going to lose.

Teresa: The best moment for me was at the end. When Mon Mothma makes her epic speech and we got glimpses of Rebel cells all over the galaxy listening to her. There was a moment when I felt so overwhelmed with admiration for her. Of course the best part of all of this was the ships just popping into the space above Dantooine. That was just incredible.

Favorite Quotes


  • “Phoenix Leader, this is Gold Squadron. We catch you at a bad time?” – Jon Vander
  • “Hera taught me a few tricks. She’s the best around.” – Ezra


  • “The tower wasn’t us, but the Star Destroyer.. guilty as charged.” – Zeb
  • “This, my friends, this is our rebellion.” – Mon Mothma
Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.