Rebels Review: An Inside Man

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched ‘An Inside Man.’


This episode gave us a return to Lothal and some familiar faces. Since the crew of the Ghost left the planet, Ryder Azadi had put together a rebel cell of his own. Some of the members of the rebel cell included characters Ezra had saved from Imperial capture in Season 1. Unfortunately one of those characters, Morad Sumar, was not as lucky this time around. Sumar’s death was tragic and really highlighted Thrawn’s cruelty.

Ever since the episode “The Honorable Ones” I have been hoping for a defection of Kallus to the rebellion. That was way back in February. As more episodes came out, the show began to telegraph that not only had he joined the rebellion, but he may actually be Fulcrum. This episode gave us the confirmation. Even though I was pretty sure it was coming, the reveal was still satisfying. The thing I was not expecting was that Thrawn would be involved in the events that surrounded the reveal. This adds quite a wrinkle because Thrawn is not your typical Imperial. I fear for Kallus, and judging by his quote at the end, I think Kallus knows he is in over his head.



I always love Kanan/Ezra team-up episodes. Ezra has reached a level where he no longer seems like a learner, but a partner. The way Kanan and and Ezra interact now reminds me of Anakin and Obi-Wan in much of The Clone Wars.

This episode really made it apparent that Kanan is not hampered at all by his blindness. The way he was running around corridors and deflecting blaster bolts, you would never know he sustained an injury. I get that he can see with the Force, but I do wish the blindness played more of a factor. It could make things a little more interesting.

Who would have thought that Chopper and Kallus would be such fast friends? I loved their interactions, especially in the elevator where you can almost hear Chopper clearly say, “Trust him! Trust him!”


Outstanding Moments

Even though meeting Ryder in the middle of the city didn’t make a lot of sense, it led to a great chase scene with walkers and speeder bikes. The takedown of the AT-DP with Ezra taking out one leg while Kanan simultaneously took out the other was so cool. Ezra and Kanan had another great moment at the end of the episode as they cut through the top of the AT-DP they had commandeered right into the bottom of the AT-AT that was crushing them.

But the standout moment of the episode by far was when Kallus said he needed to make their escape look convincing and Ezra, without warning, Force pushed him through a glass display. The dialogue between Kanan and Ezra that followed was hilarious.


Favorite Quotes

  • “I must’ve recruited him. You know, accidentally.” – Zeb
  • “Your strategy is without flaw, Grand Admiral. As always.” – Agent Kallus
Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.