Rebels Review: Imperial Supercommandos

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched ‘Imperial Supercommandos.’


Aaron: Love them or hate them, Mandalorians seem to be here to stay when it comes to Star Wars storytelling. Ever since we were introduced to Sabine Wren, we have been curious to learn more about her history and her connection to the Mandalorians. With a couple Mando focused episodes of Star Wars Rebels out now, we have gotten a little more info. We know she is Clan Vizsla. We know her mother was part of Death Watch, and in this episode it was revealed her mother now stands with the Imperial Mandalorians. But maybe against her will? As much as they have revealed there is still so much to be answered.

I enjoyed the return of Fenn Rau. I was happy that by the end of the episode he decided to join the rebellion. Sadly he didn’t have any other Protectors to bring with him since they had all been wiped out. An entire group of Mando Protectors fighting for the rebellion is something I would have really loved to see.

Teresa: Aaron pretty much summed up the story. I can only contribute that the team that wrote and created this episode did a great job with appealing to those of us who love Star Wars lore. I love getting backstory and more detailed information.

I love getting to hear that Sabine’s mother is alive and I am hoping we get to dive into that mother daughter relationship this season.

I’m pretty sure Ezra should not have shown off his Jedi skills to Saxon. I feel like that was a dumb move.



Aaron: This season has split up the Ghost crew in most of the episodes. This one was mostly focused on Sabine, with Ezra and Chopper also getting significant screen time. Sabine was able to interact a lot with fellow Mandalorian Fenn Rau which led to some interesting revelations. It makes a lot of sense that Sabine joined the rebels. She has a desire to be loyal to her people, but her people are so fractured, there is no clear way for her to be loyal. And the faction of the Mandalorians that were not aligned with the Empire has now been wiped out. It seems she is doing the right thing, but she still feels guilt for abandoning her people.

Gar Saxon was a nice addition as a villain. He previously fought for Maul’s regime and has now found power with the Empire. I am glad they allowed him to survive this episode and I hope we see him again.. in an episode with Sabine’s mom.. and maybe Boba Fett. Why not? Boba’s got to get that Mando armor somewhere.


Out of all the Sabine focused episodes we have had this was probably my favorite. It gave us the most content on her. I really liked diving into her family history and her loyalty to the Mandalorians. We have never really heard her talk about her home or why she became a Rebel, and I think that was super important. I also really like seeing her as a more mature woman that is able to keep a level head.

I did find it interesting that we saw our first all white Mandos. They reminded me of the original McQuarrie artwork for Boba Fett.

I also enjoyed the character development of Fenn Rau. It was nice to see him stay true to who he is and to not bend to anyone even Sabine. His coming around to join the Rebels was not a compromise of his character. He was simply able to view things from a different lens.


Outstanding Moments

Aaron: Every Mandalorian needs a jetpack. The entire flying scene was the highlight of this episode. Everything from Mandalorians zooming through the air, to Ezra deflecting bolts while standing on a jet propelled Chopper. Chopper telling Ezra that he saved him by accident was hilarious. Sadly, when it was all over, Sabine did not get to keep the jetpack due to the damage it sustained.

Chopper waking Ezra up by pulling his nose was great too.

Teresa: The battle between Gar Saxon and Sabine was an amazing thing to watch. We never really get to see her show off her combat strengths. I really enjoy seeing her this way and getting to see her lead.

I love when Sabine embraced Ezra in a full frontal hug and he reacted like any teenage boy caught off guard by a beautiful girl. He had these wide eyes and a shout of “WHOA!” It was so funny!


Favorite Quotes


  • “I don’t get the whole Mandalorian thing.” – Ezra
  • “Well I’m not after revenge. Just my friends.” – Sabine
  • “Hurry, Chop! Her evil cousins are coming!” – Ezra


  • “Try not to wreck the Phantom 2. We just got that thing.” – Hera
  • “He shot my jet pack!” – Sabine
  • “I was using strategy. It takes longer.” – Sabine
  • “Sorry Saxon, I like a little more color.” – Sabine
Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.