Rebels Review: “Ghosts of Geonosis”

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched ‘Ghosts of Geonosis’ Parts 1 and 2.


Aaron: Like many fans of all things Star Wars, I loved Rogue One. But one thing that was lacking in the movie was more about Saw Gerrera. How did he go from the confident and brash youth we saw in The Clone Wars to the paranoid man, ready to give up the fight, in Rogue One? I hoped these episodes of Rebels would give us a little more clarity and background. They didn’t really. What we did get was reinforcement that Saw was a rebel who worked outside of the normal rules and would go to extreme measure to get results. It was interesting to see more of the character and to get some more details about how Geonosis was involved in the construction of the Death Star. For fans who have been taking in all media, this story really fit in with things we learned from the novel Catalyst.

Teresa: This episode centered around a planet that, like Rex, I never needed to ever visit again. Alas, we found ourselves going to Geonosis to locate Saw Gerrera. I loved him in The Clone Wars and I loved him in Rogue One. I really could have used more of him in Rogue One, if only to understand what happened to him. I may have heard going into these episodes that Filoni said we were not going to learn about how he became so paranoid, but that is the story I really want to know. He is not the same person that he was when we last saw him in The Clone Wars. The overall story allowed us to draw some connections between Catalyst, Rogue One and even the Visual Guide for Rogue One. The Rebels Recon episode helped, because it confirmed the rebel interest in Geonosis and Saw’s involvement caused the move of the Death Star from over Geonosis. The episodes were good overall, but I am not sure we really needed Saw.

Sabine is starting to have so many shining moments and this episode solidified my views on Ezra. Also can we just say…KANAN!

Ghosts of Geonosis 2


Aaron: I really enjoyed that the entire crew was involved in these episodes. It was nice to see them all working together as a team again. Ezra is very interesting to me. I can’t tell if he has really good instincts or he just blindly trusts everybody and gets lucky. Although he is growing he still seems to be very naive. It has gotten him into trouble in the past (I am specifically thinking about Maul here) and will likely again.

I don’t like Saw. At least not this version of him, and the version we got in Rogue One. I am having a really hard time seeing him as the same character we got in The Clone Wars. His personality and demeanor are so different. He was willing to end an entire species, but he is also the guy who rescued and raised Jyn Erso. Saw is a character that I hope is explored more so I can connect the dots in my head.

I liked the addition of Captain Brunson. She was definitely not the typical Imperial we are used to seeing in Rebels. She was never named in the episode and her look resembled that of a couple characters we know from the novels. For a moment I held out hope that she was maybe Rae Sloane or Ciena Ree, but quickly ruled out Ree based on timeline. The credits revealed her name, and she turned out to not be Sloane either. Hope for connections to the novels aside, the character was a fresh face, and I enjoyed her small role in this story.

Teresa: There were many great moments for all of the characters and I was glad that I got to see some really cool Zeb and Sabine moments in this episode.

I need to address the ridiculous Jedi skills Kanan and Ezra have. Nothing is ever done by accident on these shows, and the extremely awesome powers they have now versus where they were, even a year ago, is impressive. I can understand Kanan and that his blindness has changed the game for him. I think his interactions with the Bendu and having to learn a new way to live in the world explains things for Kanan. With Ezra, however, I can not figure it out. How in the galaxy has he improved by so much with so little time? It seems unrealistic. Maybe it is the holocron and his interactions with Maul. If that is the case, then the evil is just waiting to be unleashed.

I can honestly say that I do not like Saw. I do not like this Rebels version of him at all. I miss Andrew Kishino as his voice, because he was the heart of Saw. He truly made him a character I loved from The Clone Wars. This is just not Saw. I think I need the backstory I need to be able to understand how he could become a man that would threaten to kill off a species. He was violent and cruel to Kilk Klak and I really wanted to reach through my screen and give him a piece of my mind and punch in the face. I think Hera handled him well, but man this guy. Who the hell does he think he is?!

I have to talk about Kilk Klak, because he was a great but small addition to the show. If a Geonosian can be cute, he definitely was. I feel bad for him. It must be so lonely.

Ghosts of Geonosis 3

Outstanding Moments

Aaron: Sabine has come so far. When the series started, and through most of Season 1 and 2, I just could not connect with the character. But this season has changed my mind. The entire scene with the Imperial rocket troopers was great. I loved how Sabine just took over and wiped out the troopers. The whole rocket out of the ship, fly up the tunnel, land and shoot two guys at once with the cool criss-crossed arms move.. was outstanding.

Also, the Ghost flying straight toward an Imperial cruiser and literally splitting the ship in half was one of the most amazing visuals the show has given us thus far.

Teresa: My favorite moments of the whole show were Sabine in every scene she was in. The same as Aaron above, her use of her amazing Jetpack was brilliant.

I also love that she can do everything. When she set off the deflector core to give them a shield, it was just amazing!

Ghosts of Geonosis 4

Favorite Quotes


  • “So, you’re Jedi.” – Saw
    “We do our best.” – Ezra
  • “I always forget they can do that.” – Saw
    “Yeah, but he’s no Skywalker.” – Rex


  • “Stupid sand. Gets everywhere.” – Sabine

Aaron Goins and Teresa Delgado are the podcasting team behind the Star Wars literature show Star Wars Bookworms. They occasionally have opinions about Star Wars Rebels.

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