Rebels Review: The Antilles Extraction

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched ‘The Antilles Extraction.’


Aaron: When I saw the trailer for Season 3 that premiered at Celebration Europe I was ecstatic about the reveal of Grand Admiral Thrawn. But something that had me almost as excited was the reveal that Wedge Antilles was coming to Star Wars Rebels. Wedge has always been a fan favorite character from the films, although he only briefly appeared on screen. He appeared quite extensively in the Legends novels and comics which only increased his popularity. He is the perfect character to bring into Rebels and I really enjoyed this origin story of his defection to the rebellion. We also got a bonus appearance of another movie/Legends pilot, “Hobbie” Klivian.


Agent Kallus seems to now have a soft spot for the rebellion after his interaction with Zeb last season. With him helping Sabine and the other pilots escape and Fulcrum sounding a lot like the distorted voice of David Oyelowo, it will be very interesting to see where all this leads.


Teresa: This episode was good in the sense that we got a sort of origin story for some key characters in the films (Wedge and Hobbie). Other than that it felt a little weak. We did get to see Sabine with normal hair, and she looked really good! The plot was very basic and kind of predictable. If I am being perfectly honest, I had to watch it a couple of times because it did not hold my interest. I did really like getting to see into the Imperial Academy though, and that is always very intriguing. I have read the Servants of the Empire novels though, and it reminds me of them in many ways.

It was very interesting to see that “Fulcrum” was not a term just for Ahsoka but merely a term they use to describe an informant. I am curious to see who the new Fulcrum is. I also really enjoyed the scene with Kallus and Sabine. I was not expecting that scene. I was a little disappointed they did not follow through with Sabine telling Zeb what Kallus said. However, I may have missed it if she did because as I said before this episode had a rough time keeping my attention.


Aaron: With the first few episodes of the season really focusing on Ezra and Kanan, it was nice to change perspective to one of the other crew members. This was very much a Sabine episode. Sabine has always been a character I haven’t connected as much with, but I really loved her in this one. She was confident and took on a leadership role in the escape of the Imperial pilots. And I’ve liked her different hair colors, but I think she may look best with the dark hair. It really completed the look with her black Imperial flight suit.

It was good to see Governor Pryce in a more central role. It seems like she may be a more formidable opponent than previous Imperials the rebels have had to face. New face Vult Skerris was another nice addition. I can see him playing the role of the most elite Imperial pilot (think Soontir Fel from Legends) and facing off against Wedge and maybe even Hera in the future.

I wish Rake had lived.


Teresa: As Aaron already stated Sabine was the central focus of this episode and that was one of the main things I really liked. She held her own and I loved her fight with Pryce. She is such a problem solver and truly an elite soldier in her own right. I was glad to see this episode was not centered around Kanan and Ezra. It is really rare that we get a Sabine focused episode. Out of all of her episodes this one might have been my favorite so far.

I am not sure what I think about Governor Pryce yet. We have had so many cool imperial characters that just get killed off and have minimal impact. I am hesitant to form an opinion. She is a cool design of a character and I really love her attitude. She is a good strong female character for the imperial side but I am scared to say I like her, so I won’t just yet.

I second what Aaron said with I wish Rake had lived.


Outstanding Moments

Aaron: Sabine was really amazing in this episode. I don’t think Pryce knew what she was getting into going head to head with a trained Mandalorian. The fight between them was fun to watch and surprisingly brutal.

This of course led to the great rescue scene. Sabine standing in the doorway of the cell with a blaster in hand was maybe my favorite moment of the episode. See quotes below.

Kallus showing up and assisting Sabine had me cheering. When he name dropped Zeb I got goosebumps. I have been rooting for a Kallus defection since his episode with Zeb last season. We are one step closer.

Teresa: I am not sure there were any large stand out moments for me I think Aaron already called out some of the best scenes and I would have to agree with everything he mentioned. The only other scene was when we hear Fulcrum speak and we see Ahsoka’s symbol pop up. It was a cool homage to her but I have seen several of those in the first three episodes so far.


Favorite Quotes


“Sabine. We were coming to rescue you.” – Wedge
“That’s cute.” – Sabine

“I can fly anything.” – Wedge


“The empire taught me well” – Governor Pryce
“My clan taught me better” – Sabine

“Tell Garazeb Orrelios we’re even”- Kallus

Aaron Goins
Aaron has been active in the Star wars fan community for a number of years and has featured on a variety of sites and podcasts including Star Wars Bookworms with Teresa Delgado and Star Scavengers with Johnamarie Macias.