Ram Bergman & Rian Johnson Discuss New Trilogy At Empire Awards

At the Empire Awards 2018 on Sunday night Ram Bergman and Rian Johnson both spoke briefly about the new Star Wars trilogy they’re working on….

[Rian] Johnson’s long-time producing partner Ram Bergman gave an update on the status of the new films. According to Bergman, work has already begun. Bergman said: “We’ve started. Slowly, slowly, but we’ve started. Hopefully soon we’re going to get busier.

Later on the same red carpet, Johnson himself confirmed that work is underway on the trilogy. Johnson indicated however that the process is in its very early stages. Saying he’s excited to dive in on the project, Johnson admitted that he still has to “figure out what it’s going to be.”

Not a lot more to say on the subject for the moment, but we can’t wait to find out how this turns out.