Preview of The Rise of Skywalker Attached to Episode 7 of The Mandalorian Disney+ Series

Back in October the release dates for each episode from Season 1 of Jon Favreau’s Star Wars live-action TV series The Mandalorian were revealed via an official Disney+ press document. The seventh episode was listed with a release date of Wednesday, December 18, a departure from the common weekly Friday release dates for new episodes. It was assumed that this next-to-last episode in Season 1 was being released a few days earlier in the week for the purpose of leaving Friday, December 20 dedicated solely to the theatrical release of The Rise of Skywalker.

Not only will that be the case, but a special sneak peek at Episode IX will be attached to Chapter 7 of The Mandalorian as well.

Thanks to an exclusive press release from Disney+ we know that the Rise of Skywalker exclusive sneak peek is attached to Episode 7 of The Mandalorian. Because of this unique sneak peek situation, Episode 7 will be released at a special time on Wednesday, December 18 rather than dropping on its regularly scheduled Friday slot in order to coincide with the Friday, December 20 debut of Rise of Skywalker. Disney+ has yet to confirm what time the episode will be released. Similarly unclear is whether The Mandalorian‘s seventh episode will have any ties whatsoever to The Rise of Skywalker. It’s a longshot, yes, but technically everything in the Star Wars canon up to this point has been connected so keep an eye out.

The eighth and final episode in The Mandalorian Season 1 will be available for streaming on Friday, December 27. Production on Season 2 of the Disney+ series is currently underway.