Preview Of “The Kessel Run” Featurette From ‘Solo’ Blu-ray Bonus Content

We’re only a few days away from the digital HD release of director Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story (September 14 in the US, September 17 in the UK) and io9 has an early look at some of the bonus content that will be included in the film’s home media release. We’ve already seen snippets of several pieces of Solo bonus content ahead of the film’s arrival on digital HD/Blu-ray released by Lucasfilm – new vocabulary for Chewbacca, a deleted scene with Han and Qi’ra, a look at designing Fort Ypso, and lead actor Alden Ehrenreich sharing his reaction to being cast in the GFFA.

Check out the intro to io9’s article copied below and then head on over to their site for a preview clip from the featurette titled “The Kessel Run”.

One of my favorite moments in Solo: A Star Wars Story is when Han first experiences hyperspace. As Lando and L3 make the jump, the camera moves to the side of Han’s face and he’s just elated. We, the audience, are just as excited—we know where this character will go, and how important this moment is to him.

What makes that moment even sweeter is it’s likely genuine. On Solo, the production team built high-quality screens around the cockpit of the Falcon so that the actors could really feel like they were jumping to hyperspace. When we see actor Alden Ehrenreich react, that’s not all acting.

If you’d like to see what we mean, we’ve got an exclusive clip from the Solo: A Star Wars Story home release, which is out on digital September 14, and Blu-ray and on-demand September 25.