Back in February reports surfaced that had actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge joining the cast of the upcoming Han Solo standalone film in an unspecified role, with sources stating her part would be a CG/motion capture performance. Shortly after those reports hit the web, she was officially announced as part of the cast by Lucasfilm, ending the speculation but still keeping the question of “who is she playing?” alive.

In speaking with IGN recently, Waller-Bridge commented on the subject of Ron Howard taking over as director of the since-titled Solo film and how the change in directorial leadership affected the filming of her scenes.

“The handover there was done with such warmth and generosity from everybody, and Ron’s just a master at his craft; he’s going to make a beautiful film out of it,” she said of the transition between directors. “You just really trust him and it was just really exciting to work with him. I mean, it would’ve been exciting to just pass him in a corridor, let alone for him to be parachuted in to the film you’re working on.”

When asked how much of her role was reshot compared to Lord and Miller’s version of the film, Waller-Bridge said, “We’d done some really, really great stuff with Chris and Phil that everyone was really thrilled with, and I think a lot of that will still be in it.”

Donald Glover, who will be portraying a young cape-donning Lando Calrissian in the standalone film, echoed similar comments last week about his work on the project after Howard took over. We may never know exactly what changes were made to the script/characters once Phil Lord and Chris Miller departed the production, which we’re led to believe were pretty extensive given what Paul Bettany said on the subject in December.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to arrive in theaters May 25.