PEOPLE Magazine The Rise of Skywalker Collector’s Edition, Interviews With Cast

Add PEOPLE Magazine to the list of publications that are highlighting the release of The Rise of Skywalker throughout this month as they have a special collector’s edition available on newsstands as we speak. They also released a series of interviews conducted with director J.J. Abrams and the film’s cast via the YouTube video embedded below. An image of their collector’s edition cover (click for a larger view) is included beneath the YouTube video.

The saga will end when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker officially premieres on Dec. 20, but the stories live forever in PEOPLE’s special commemorative issue, on newsstands now. See exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and hear from all the stars as they share Force-shattering secrets of the final Skywalker episode.

Rey is at the center of the PEOPLE cover and again at the heart of the story, guided in this latest movie by the wisdom of Skywalker twins Luke and Leia as she battles Kylo Ren and the somehow resurrected Emperor. “Just like Rey, I’m surrounded by great people,” says actress Daisy Ridley, 27.

That includes returning costars John Boyega as stormtrooper-gone-good Finn, Oscar Isaac as rising Resistance leader Poe Dameron, and Adam Driver as Ren, new Supreme Leader of the supremely evil First Order. The 27-year-old Boyega, who can be as enthusiastic as his whooping character, says, “I’ve learned so much from my castmates and people on-set.”