Paul Shipper: “I Was Speechless When Spielberg Selected My Work”

The amazing poster for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One was done by none other than Paul Shipper, who designed the key-art for last year’s Star Wars Celebration. Paul is extremely humble and an absolute gentleman, and the fine folks at The Bearded Trio have interviewed him….

TBT – We’ve all seen the epic poster for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and what an amazing job you did. When did you find out that it was going to be you creating the poster for the Spielberg movie and what was your reaction?

PS – Thank you! Yes, it was all a bit of a shock to me as I didn’t realise it was to be used for the main poster campaign! I initially thought it was for a speciality poster like my Dolby/AMC Last Jedi poster, so when they told me Steven Spielberg had selected it for the main one sheet I was in a state of shock and I was speechless, staring into space for I don’t know how long!

TBT – Were you drawing (sorry) inspiration from Drew Struzan for the Ready Player One poster? I notice Wade’s stance standing on the doorway of the Delorean is similar to the one in the classic Back to the Future poster.

PS – Absolutely! That was the idea and the connection between Wade in the real world and his avatar Parzival in the Oasis. It just felt right to use the pose in a way that homaged the original back to the future poster by drew Struzan.

Read the full interview here.