Paul Bettany Doesn’t Understand Why ‘Solo’ Bombed

Paul Bettany played Dryden Vos in Solo: A Star Wars Story and spoke openly to MTV whilst at SDCC about his frustration as to why the film ‘bombed’, and why there seems to be some much hate towards the film….

“I loved the movie. I went to see the movie and I loved it,” Bettany shared with MTV. “I knew some real dyed-in-the-wool nerd fans, Ryan Adams, for instance, who was like, ‘It’s so fantastic, I love it!’ and then he went to see it again. I took him to the premiere and then he went to see it again. It was confusing to me. I thought the story was so great, I thought the execution was so great, so it was surprising, to me.”

He continued talking about the box office….

“It’s also peculiar being in a movie that makes hundreds of millions of dollars and people say, ‘It’s just not enough.’ The thing with Star Wars is eventually everybody on the planet’s gonna see that movie and I really am proud of it and I loved playing Dryden Vos. I loved him. He’s delicious.”

So what do you think the issue was behind the ‘failure’ of Solo at the box office (it currently stands at ‘just’ $388 million worldwide)? Was it a reaction to The Last Jedi, a frustration at the timing of the release being just five months after the last release, the film’s productions troubles, a failure of the studio to push the release as much as they should, fans becoming disenfranchised with Star Wars, the story of Solo just not resonating with some fans, or the fact that it was released at such a crowded time at the cinema? Let us know your thoughts on social media.

You can watch the interview on YouTube.