Oscar Isaac Talks Emotional Last Day of Filming The Rise of Skywalker With SiriusXM’s EW Live

Oscar Isaac knew his last day on set of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was going to be emotional, but it turned out to be even more special than he could have anticipated.

When Isaac stopped by SiriusXM’s EW Live to promote the upcoming film, which marks the end of the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies, he revealed that when he wrapped filming he began giving a speech to the cast and crew gathered.

“I started getting kind of emotional … and I could see J.J. [Abrams] being like, ‘Wrap it up.’ I was like, ‘Oh, oh okay,’” Isaac says, clearly taken aback. “And he was like, ‘Because actually we also have Anthony Daniels‘ last day.’ Which is like way bigger of a deal because Anthony has been in every Star Wars movie.”