Official Site: Bruce Logan The Special Effects Jedi Who Blew Up The Death Star

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In late October, clone-Fetts Dickey Beer and Bespin Boba rendezvoused in the high-desert at the Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino for Jim Burleson’s Santa Fe Comic Con. This particular bounty-hunter reunion was beneath the expansive Sangre de Christo mountain range — sacred to the Navajo people — where J. Robert Oppenheimer fashioned the world’s first atomic explosion. Joining us was another metaphorical “destroyer of worlds,” film’s legendary visual effects director and soft-spoken Jedi Bruce Logan. During our two Star Wars panels, Bruce electrified attendees with his own buffalo thunder — his accounts of detonating the Death Star, Alderaan, and an assortment of TIEs and X-Wing fighters during the making of Star Wars: A New Hope. Logan’s 50 years in film have produced truly epic cinematic images.

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John 'Dak' Morton
John portrayed Dak Ralter, Luke Skywalker’s Gunner during the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. When Jeremy Bulloch played an Imperial Officer, he needed someone to cover him as Fett. Morton being similar in height was a body double for two days in costume. He filmed with another unit, the sequence when Fett confronts Darth Vader in the Bespin hallway during Han Solo’s torture – while Bulloch filmed his scenes as the Imperial Officer. Afterwards he left Hollywood and eventually settled in public relations work back in Annapolis.