Official Name of Each Member of The Knights of Ren and Their Ship

Shortly before The Rise of Skywalker landed in theaters, we learned the name of one of the members of The Knights of Ren (Trudgen) via an official Topps trading card. With the film now in theaters and the accompanying Visual Dictionary on bookstore shelves, fans can expand their knowledge of the various characters, vehicles, planets, and props from Episode IX.

The Knights of Ren and their respective weaponry are featured on pages 56-61 in the Visual Dictionary. There are a total of six members in the group. Below are the names of each character listed in the order from left to right as they appear in the group photo provided below (click the image for a larger view).

– Vicrul
– Ap’lek
– Kuruk
– Trudgen
– Cardo
– Ushar

The book also provides readers with the official name of their customized ship seen briefly in the film – the Night Buzzard, a dungeon ship originally from the planet Osseriton.