My good friend and brainstorming buddy Dan Zehr posts this fascinating article to The Official Star Wars Blog as he looks at the brilliant Star Wars In The Classroom project.

One of the more memorable scenes in the Star Wars franchise is arguably toward the end of A New Hope when all wings report in. Before Red Leader asks the pilots to lock S foils in attack position, Luke Skywalker proudly (yet cautiously) says, “Red Five standing by.” With that sequence, popular culture was introduced to the Rogues, a team of individuals determined to make a difference in their collective world.

Star Wars in the Classroom is a fantastic website that has taken this concept and applied it to education with spectacular results. They have created a network of educators who seek to amalgamate that galaxy far, far away into the classroom setting: meet the Rogues!

Get on over to Star Wars In The Classroom and check it out. Now, you’re dismissed!