New ‘Rogue One’ Entries Added To The Databank

The databank has been updated over at the official site (thanks to our good buddy Carl Milner for the heads up), giving us even more of an insight into the worlds, droids and locations of Rogue One.

For more from the worlds of Rogue One check out my latest blog over at the Official Site, where I specify the location of many of the planets from the film.

To give you a flavour of what has been added, below is the entry for the Erso’s homestead on Lah’mu.

When the Ersos decided to break with the Empire, Saw Gerrera facilitated the purchase of a 65-hectare farm on the eastern side of the distant planet Lah’mu. On this world far from the centers of power, Galen and his family have reinvented themselves as subsistence farmers, hoping to escape from Director Krennic and his hunters.

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Mark Newbold
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