New Profit and Ranking System Updates Added to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Walt Disney World has been updated with different score sheets depending on your position as Pilot, Engineer or Gunner.

Now, final scores are juxtaposed alongside a “Maximum Profit”. The joke here is, of course, that even a perfect score with maximum earnings will still render less than 13,000 galactic credits, because Hondo’s always going to take his share.

Other Travelers to Batuu who’ve taken a spin aboard the Falcon to pick up some coaxium have also reported in with an additional “Ranking” system, giving riders a rank of “Pirate”, “Hot Shot”, “Marauder”, or others.

Head over to to see screen shots of the new end screens. These new systems may not have yet been upgraded on all pods, so let us know what you get when you ride. Also, we don’t know if these upgrades have reached Disneyland — so please let us know.
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