New ‘The Last Jedi’ BTS Video Featuring Rey & Ahch-To

In never-before-seen footage, Rey (Ridley) harnesses the Force on the deserted island of Ahch-To, where she struggles to find the balance between the Dark and the Light. “Something inside me has always been there,” she says, “and now it’s awake.” Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) offers little help, due to his issues with Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), leaving Rey to her own devices.

As Ridley explains in one of the bonus features (available on Blu-ray March 27), “She doesn’t see herself as this thing. People talk about her potential and all this stuff, and she says, you know, ‘I’m scared about what I’m feeling.’ What I’ve always loved about her is that she tries to see the good in things and she’s hopeful, and she hopes that what she thinks is there is there.” Watch the clip to see what writer/director Rian Johnson has to say about Rey’s internal conflict.