New The Force Awakens Deleted Scene From 3D Collectors Edition Blu-ray

Entertainment Weekly has just posted a brand new deleted scene from The Force Awakens that will be included as part of the bonus content on the 3D Collectors Edition Blu-ray scheduled to arrive in a few weeks from now. The deleted scene features an encounter between Unkar Plutt, Rey, and a certain fan-favorite Wookiee.

A never-before-seen deleted sequence from Star Wars: The Force Awakens has revealed the fate of Unkar Plutt, the blobfish-like junk dealer who made Rey’s life miserable on the desert world of Jakku.

As fans of the movie already know, Rey escaped Plutt’s clutches when she, Finn, and BB-8 stole the Millennium Falcon while fleeing from the First Order. Plutt (played by Simon Pegg) was last seen shaking his fists at the vanishing starship and crying out, “That’s mine!”