New Character & Location Details In EW Ultimate ‘Solo’ Guide

WARNING: Spoilers are listed below. Proceed ahead at your own risk.

This afternoon I found a copy of Entertainment Weekly’s new The Ultimate Guide to Han Solo at one of my local Barnes & Noble bookstores. Various bits on the main characters including interviews with the cast and crew are contained within the 96-page guide. I snapped a photo (apologies for the poor quality) of some of the more noteworthy reveals (click each image for a closer look) from the guide, which gives us the name of a new alien character, the name of a location seen in the film, and I character I am very curious about.

I personally have not seen the information provided below anyplace else before acquiring this guide, so while it may be new information to me, that won’t be the case for others who have seen the same information via a different source.

Here we have a photo of the cover for the guide (priced at $13.99).

This character named Auromae Iselo is part of the gang known as the Cloud-Riders headlined by Enfys Nest.

Fort Ypso is the name of a village located high in the snowy mountains on the planet of Vandor.

Here is a wide-angle establishing shot of Fort Ypso from the guide.

And here is the photo of the character I’m curious about. Sure looks like garb similar to that of a Rancor Keeper costume, no? Or is it pure coincidence?