Natalie Portman ‘Attack of The Clones’ Gown To Be Displayed In Dundee (UK)

One of the gowns worn by Natalie Portman in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones is to go on display at the new V&A Dundee museum for six months. The travel gown is on loan from The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, currently under construction in Los Angeles.

Film and fashion fans will be able to view the embroidered dress modelled by Portman’s character Padme Amidala when the £80 million attraction opens its doors on September 15.

The outfit was created by costume designer Trisha Biggar and features an ornate copper plated headdress and burgundy silk cloque coat.

Known as the travel disguise costume, it was worn by Padme as she secretly travelled with Anakin Skywalker to her home planet of Naboo.

The gown is being loaned to V&A Dundee for six months from The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, currently under construction in Los Angeles.

Biggar, from Glasgow, said she took inspiration from a Paisley pattern swatch she found in her home city.

She said: “By the time we were constructing the costumes for Star Wars I had collected a large quantity of vintage fabrics and trims, a lot sourced in Glasgow, to decorate and embellish the elaborate pieces being created.

“The textile design of this gown was inspired by a vintage Paisley pattern swatch. Around three quarters of all Padme dresses have got a touch of Scottish vintage on them somewhere.”

The designer added: “Everything for every planet and culture was being created anew.

“We used references and drew on a multitude of influences from all over the world, from every culture, country, civilisation and period, mixing them up to shape new fashions.

“By reinterpreting ideas and drawing on history the audience would – albeit subliminally – recognise and identify with the myriad of Star Wars styles.”

Padme’s travel gown will be on display at the V&A Dundee museum in Scotland from September 15th.