Naomi Ackie Reveals Extent of Secrecy on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

At last week’s Force Friday reveal at Pinewood Studios, Naomi Ackie spoke to about the secrecy surrounding Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The Lady Macbeth star is taking on the role of Jannah in the JJ Abrams-directed finale to the Skywalker saga, her character’s role in the fight against the First Order still shrouded in mystery. With everything hoping to be tied up in a neat little space package, we suppose it comes of no surprise the set was on near lock down, with the cast only being able to spy the script twice. Suppose it’s more generous than the Avengers cast members, who didn’t get to see the whole thing, or Game Of Thrones stars who had theirs essentially self-destruct after a certain period. ‘They’re very on lockdown, we never got to take a script home, no way,’ Naomi told at the global launch of Triple Force Friday this week.

‘I got to read the script twice.’ She continued: ‘You retain information, each day that you’re on set you get what you need to do the day’s work. But its nice because when I see the film now, because of my memory they’ve faded away and I get to relive it with everyone else.’

Naomi is taking up her place in the resistance alongside Finn and Rey, revealing she had seven months of training after receiving the call to join the 42-year-old saga.

From stamina training to learning proficiency in horse riding and archery, Naomi has walked away from the shoot being a dab hand at a few new skills.

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