Naomi Ackie On Her Character Jannah From The Rise of Skywalker

In a spotlight piece she recently conducted with Los Angeles Times, actress Naomi Ackie speaks a little bit about her character Jannah from The Rise of Skywalker.

“She’s fierce,” said Ackie, carefully describing Jannah. “She’s got a lot of history involved with the issues in the film. Once you find out her story, you’re rooting for her and you can understand why she’s fighting.”

Ackie also mentions how Jannah affects some of the characters associated with the legendary Skywalker saga as that segment of the Star Wars franchise wraps up.

“It means that whatever characters [are introduced] now have to add to wrapping up the story, because we know this is the end of the Skywalker saga,” Ackie said. “Her importance to the story has to be relevant — and it feels relevant, definitely, for some of the characters and for the larger picture.”

Additional comments made by Ackie about Jannah earlier this month can be found at this link. The Rise of Skywalker lands in theaters December 20.

Dianna Bates
Residing in New York, Dianna Bates shares the same deep love for the GFFA as her husband Justin LaSalata. In addition to posting news articles on our website, Dianna assists with providing photographs from various conventions and Star Wars-related events including NY Comic Con, "Force Friday" and others.