The music of John Williams in legendary and we’ve learnt to appreciate how audio makes up such an integral part of a film, with thanks to the lessons taught by George Lucas. Taking this into account, how would you like to see a Star Wars film with just the music created for the film — no audio track, and no special effects? That’s exactly what we’re getting in a very special version of Star Wars: The Last Jedi thanks to Rian Johnson, as he revealed earlier in an interview with Prime Video….

While speaking with Prime Video at SXSW, Johnson said, “We’re going to have a music only version of the movie. Basically, we did a mix where there’s no dialogue, no sound effects…nothing but the score just playing at a perfect level. So you can watch it like a silent film just with John’s score.” This prompts a number of questions about how the movie is otherwise edited, and we are personally quite excited to find out the answers!

Johnson also revealed that the “music only” cut of the film will be available to anyone who buys The Last Jedi‘s digital release (which is out now) or the upcoming Blu-ray. The only catch is that fans will also have to sign up with Movies Anywhere, but Johnson assured viewers it is free to join the site. Hopefully, if the fan response warrants it, this could well lead to “music only” cuts for the other films in the franchise as well.

We are beyond excited about this and can’t wait to watch and listen! Watch the Prime Video interview here.