Most of the Action Scenes Shot for The Rise of Skywalker Were Used

Eunice Huthart, stunt coordinator on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, has revealed that approximately 90% of the movie’s action scenes made the final cut.

The degree of action found in Rise of Skywalker remains one of its greatest strengths. With a multitude of lavish locations at its disposal, the battles between the Resistance and the First Order are as intense as they are diverse. What’s more, as Screen Rant recently learned, the vast amount of action scenes shot for Rise of Skywalker remain in the film – something that isn’t all that common when it comes to shooting action scenes. During an exclusive interview with Rise of Skywalker’s stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart, Screen Rant learned that 90 percent of what was shot made it into the film. Said Huthart on the subject:

“I’ve done movies where I’d say 60 percent, 65 percent or 70 percent of our action makes the film. I’d say on the whole, probably 90 percent of what we shot action-wise made the movie.”

Considering exactly how many battles take place in Rise of Skywalker, it makes sense that so much of what was shot made it into the final cut. Some have criticized Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for being bloated and over-ambitious, but it does make sense that the finale of the Skywalker saga should have a certain amount of action.

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