More Info on Individual Star Wars 4K Blu-ray Releases & Best Buy Exclusive 27-Disc Boxed Set

Bill Hunt over at The Digital Bits sheds more light on the 4K UHD release for The Rise of Skywalker, the individual 4K UHD releases for the rest of the Star Wars theatrical films (the eight other Skywalker films, Rogue One, and Solo) and the jumbo Best Buy exclusive 27-disc 4K UHD Skywalker Saga boxed sets. All of these Blu-ray releases will be released in one shot on March 31. Below are the bits of new information/details from his comprehensive report.

– As we learned earlier in this post, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Rogue One will be released in new 4K UHD packaging to match that of the nine individual Skywalker films.
The Last Jedi 4K UHD release will contain a score-only version of the film which was previosly only available as a digtial exclusive.
The Rise of Skywalker 4K UHD release will only have one retailer exclusive piece of bonus video content. That video content is a featurette titled “A Final Alliance” and will come packaged on a bonus DVD disc in the Target exclusive release. All of the other retailer exclusives for Episode IX will come in the form of exclusive packaging and/or inserts (such as the Target exclusive photo gallery book).
– The Best Buy exclusive 27-disc Skywalker Saga boxed set will contain the exact same discs that will be available for each film’s individual 4K UHD release. The exact same bonus video content from each individual disc will be included in the 27-disc boxed set as well. This massive Best Buy set will NOT contain any additional/exclusive bonus video content.