With Ron Howard taking the reins of the still-shooting Han Solo movie it was inevitable that thematic changes would occur. Casual observers can see that the film is ticking over nicely, but regrettably there are casualties of the films new direction and one of those is actor Michael K. Williams, who has been trimmed from the production due to his unavailability.

“I felt great about what I created with the directors that I worked with. It is what it is. We created a kick-ass character, in my opinion. I’m proud of it. When Ron Howard got hired to finish out the film, there were some reshoot issues that needed to be done in regards to my character, in order for it to match the new direction which the producers wanted Ron to carry the film in. And that would have required me on a plane a month ago to London, to Pinewood, to do reshoots. But I’m here, on location in Africa. It’s scheduling. I’m not going to be back on the market until the end of November after ‘Hap and Leonard,’ and for them to wait that long for me, that would have pushed back the release date, which I believe is in May 2018. They wanted me now; I couldn’t go. So they had to clip-clip-clip.”

He seems cool with the situation, but it appears that the door isn’t closed to further collaborations in the GFFA.

“I don’t think that me not being in the Star Wars family is finalI left with a very good taste in my mouth about the whole family, and I hope that I left a good taste in their mouth. They’re a great group of people, the Lucas family.”