Updated: Michael Giacchino To Score Rogue One

According to THR Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino is set to score Rogue One: A Star Wars Story replacing Alexandre Desplat.

Giacchino, who made a cameo appearance as FN-3181 in The Force Awakens, has previously composed music for Lucasfilm for Star Tours: The Adventure Continues in 2011.

Giacchino has all but confirmed the news by posting this Rogue One image on his Instagram from London, UK.

Just last month Michael was at Abbey Road Studios recording the soundtrack for the upcoming Disney/Marvel film Doctor Strange.

I’ve been a big fan of his since I started watching Lost in 2004 and believe he is the perfect composer to step in and score a Star Wars film. I’m incredibly excited and can’t wait to hear his contribution to the Star Wars universe.

Giacchino likes to use puns while naming his track titles, so let the #RoguePun fun begin!

UPDATE: Giacchino has posted these two messages to Twitter this afternoon:

Paul McQue
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