Meet Ken Nightingall, the Mysterious Pink Shorts Boom Guy from Star Wars

Our friend Clayton Sandell from ABC, takes a look at the mysterious pink shorts guy from Star Wars: A New Hope, real name Ken Nightingall.

Pink Shorts Boom Guy isn’t a character in any movie. The costume’s inspiration actually comes from a 1976 behind-the-scenes photo of the “Star Wars” crew filming on the Mos Eisley set, surrounded by the scorching Tunisian desert.

Roughly in the center of the image stands the movie’s boom microphone operator, dressed in only tight pink shorts, black socks and brown work boots. His tanned arms hoist a long pole above actors Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Alec Guinness (Obi Wan Kenobi). Director George Lucas, in a trademark plaid shirt, stands nearby resting his hands on his head.

The photo didn’t gain much attention until 2015 when it popped up on Reddit.

“Next time you watch ‘Star Wars,’ I need you to remind yourself that all the dialogue you hear was recorded by a man in pink short shorts,” read the post.

For years, that man has gone largely anonymous to casual Star Wars fans. His name doesn’t even appear in the film’s credits. But the newfound attention from cheeky costumers brings a smile to the man behind the shorts, otherwise known as Ken Nightingall.

“I think it’s very nice,” chuckled Nightingall, now 90 years old and living outside London. “They seem to like it. Good for them.”

Nightingall was one of about 100 British crewmembers who trekked to North Africa to film scenes set on Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine.

Tunisia may not have Tatooine’s twin suns, but Nightingall said it sure felt like it.

“It was very, very hot,” he said of the weather that prompted his wardrobe choice.

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