Ewan McGregor Forgets Which Darth He Fought

Ewan McGregor has appeared on the BBC’s One Show and as usual the conversation comes around to Star Wars. But, when talking about the duel sequences in The Phantom Menace, he had a blank moment and forgot which Darth he faced!

The One Show‘s Matt Baker proved himself to be a worthy Padawan to Obi-Wan Kenobi when the Jedi Master had a momentary lapse in memory on live TV.

The BBC presenter’s previously-unknown mastery of Star Wars trivia proved surprisingly useful during Monday’s edition of The One Show, when Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell dropped in to promote Disney’s Christopher Robin.

The two stars were discussing their experience working on complicated stunts in the Star Wars and Marvel universes respectively, when Ewan had some trouble recalling the infamous Jedi/Sith smackdown in The Phantom Menace.

“It was really complicated, and really fast,” he remembered. “That was, in a way, the most satisfying thing about those movies. It was like learning a dance or something.

“You can’t get it wrong or you’d literally clunk each other with a metal rod if you do, so you have to get them absolutely precise. That one was really complicated and intricate, but really fast.

“We got it so fast they started over or under-cranking the camera. They speeded the camera up just a tiny bit to slow us down [because] they didn’t think people would believe it! It looked like we’d been speeded up, but we were just that good.”

Here’s hoping fans will get a chance to see Ewan do some more of that groundbreaking fight choreography, if the Obi-Wan standalone movie ever gets off the ground.

You can read the full report on Digital Spy, but UK readers can watch the whole show via the BBC iPlayer.

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