Matthew Wood Talks To The San Francisco Chronicle About Rogue One

The San Francisco Chronicle have interviewed Matthew Wood about his work at Skywalker Sound, his voice over work and the new Star Wars film, Rogue One.

Here is an extract:

The life of a sound editor can be hectic. Wood can end up working seven days a week, whether at his office at the ranch or hitting the road to record the likes of Harrison Ford in Los Angeles or Adam Driver in New York. While working on “The Force Awakens,” Wood found himself hopping flights among the Bay Area, Santa Monica, New York and London within a span of a few days.

And yet he still manages a job as a voice-over actor, especially creatures and droids in the “Star Wars” films. He started acting in his mid-20s, when he took courses for five years at San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theater. It was Lucas who gave Wood his first chance to blend his sound design with his vocal performances. “That opened up some doors to get an agent. Things went from there.”

Following his tendency to use the same handful of actors for the vocal roles, Wood has brought original 1977 “Star Wars” actors on board to use their voices for “Rogue One,” such as Angus MacInnes and David Ankrum, who played Gold Leader and Red Two in “A New Hope.”

For the full fascinating article, take the link below.

SOURCEThe San Francisco Chronicle
Brian Cameron
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