Matt Smith Says He’s Not in Episode IX

Sounds like we’re gonna need to walk back on that report from over the summer posted by multiple media outlets that mentioned Matt Smith as a cast member for director J.J. Abrams’ Episode IX. A new article posted by the LA Times features a quote from Smith saying he’s not in the currently-untitled film:

He’s not in the next “Star Wars” film, despite reports to the contrary (“As far as I can tell, I’m definitely not,” he says) — although he is practiced in keeping secrets. Smith has also considered the idea of writing and directing his own projects (he previously directed a short called “Cargese” in 2013). But ultimately, he sees his career as a marathon, not a sprint — a logical conclusion for someone who has already gone from Doctor Who to Prince Philip to Charles Manson to the Spider-verse — and he expects there are still decades to figure this all out.

Is Smith being secretive with this comment? Or is he really not going to be part of the cast in any capacity? Smith wasn’t included in the official Episode IX cast list that was released by Lucasfilm back in July. Maybe he filmed a scene(s) that was eventually determined to be cut from the film, or a script change resulted in his character being dropped altogether?

More as we hear it.