Matt Smith Removed from The Rise of Skywalker Cast List

Is Matt Smith in The Rise of Skywalker or not? The mystery continues, following on from him saying no, his name has now been removed from the official cast list.

Smith was officially confirmed to be in the film, he was cast in the film, then he suspiciously denied that he was in it. Then there was a wild rumor regarding who he was playing in the film. And now his name has been removed from the cast list.

Is Lucasfilm trying to hide his involvement? Or was he involved, and then when the information about his character leaked, they cut his role and changed the film up so he’s not included? It’s interesting to see how Smith is being treated in this film, and I wonder what the story is behind his involvement.

The big question is, will we actually see Smith show up in the film or was he cut out? What do you think is going on with Matt Smith’s character?

Read more at the link below, but beware of possible spoilers!