Mark Hamill Thinks ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Is Coming Out Too Early

It seems Mark Hamill has an opinion on many things, please don’t get us wrong — we don’t mind — we love how passionate he is about all things Star Wars related. This is what he has to say about the upcoming second standalone film Solo: A Star Wars Story, coming next month…

Speaking to CinemaBlend about the latest instalment, Mark revealed that he had advised Disney to hold Solo‘s release.

“I will say they should pace themselves, because you don’t want to over-saturate it”, he said. “I said to Disney, ‘Really? Five months after [The Last Jedi] comes out comes [Solo: A Star Wars Story]? Can’t you at least wait until Christmas?'”

“But they’ve got things booked – they’re doing Marvel and their own movies, so that’s beyond my [purview].”

Mark isn’t totally unconvinced by Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s prospects, though, as the actor also praised the franchise’s ability to produce equally entertaining standalone films.

Speculating on the ‘hopefully comic’ tone of Solo, Mark continued: “So I think the advantage of the standalone films is that they don’t have to follow the formula of a trilogy, so they can establish their premise, get it on, get it done and get out leaving the audience wanting more. So there’s infinite possibilities.”