Mark Hamill Created His Own Post-Episode VI Backstory For Luke

A lot has gone on in the life of Luke Skywalker since the end of Return of the Jedi and his appearance in 2015’s The Force Awakens. There was no guarantee the story of Luke would ever continue (officially) beyond the events of Episode VI. The purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney in 2012 and the announcement of a new Sequel Trilogy of films changed all that.

To pass the time over the last several decades prior to his return as Luke in Episode VII, Mark Hamill created his own version of the events in Luke’s life since we last saw him celebrating the destruction of the second Death Star on Endor.

With Luke set to feature prominently this month in The Last Jedi and official details of his post-Episode VI life already revealed by Lucasfilm via events touched upon in Episode VII, the spotlight on the story of this iconic character (something I’m betting will be told quite extensively if the rumored animated TV series set in this new trilogy timeline turns out to be true) has never been brighter.

Check out what Hamill had to say on the subject that leads us to the current state of Luke on Ahch-To via this article posted on Entertainment Weekly:

“I wrote lots and lots of scenarios,” Hamill says. “I made notes that he fell in love with a woman who was a widow and had this young child.”

The monk-like Jedi aren’t supposed to have personal relationships, so Hamill says Luke would have temporarily left the order during this time. We know from The Force Awakens that he would later return and found a training academy for new Jedi (which had its own tragic end when his nephew, Ben Solo, fell to the dark side and returned to destroy the school as the monstrous Kylo Ren).

But this long-before imaginary relationship with the widow also had an unhappily ever after for Luke.

“He left the Jedi to raise this young child and marry this woman,” Hamill says. “And the child got hold of a lightsaber and accidentally killed himself.”